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    Since i purchased my treo ive been on this forum religiously.....i absolutley love it here and all its helpful really is the best treo forum i know of.....ive learned so much and now have a great peice of equipment that is prolly my most favorite electronic device ive ever to all those that have helped me with previous problems and or questions, and to those of you who's past posts ive read to learn more, i cant thank you enough!......I own a website forum and its great to see quality posts from quality members!!!!! thanx agian youve made my treo experience wonderful
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    great forum here. I came from
    which was a good forum but too me it was dead. I absolutly love this forum.
    other great forums to visit: and if you have sprint
    Made this just for fun...I'm Kermit

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    I concur.
    This is an awesome web site for information on this beautiful device.
    And im hooked.
    So expect to see me around for a long time as I think I will keep this phone untill the next palm w comes out and switch to that one.

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