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    I am wondering if anyone know how I can solve this. If I dial a persons number rather then look it up and call the number it will often times say unknown caller when I am calling. But it is the exact same number as one of numbers in the contact. The only difference I can come up with is that I did not dial a 1 in front of the number, and some of the numbers in my address book have a +1. is this what is causing the problem? And if so, does anyone know how to resolve it? Its not that huge of an issue it just throws off the call log some. I guess I can be more diligent at looking up the contact rather then dialing it, but still annoying.
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    check the location of where those numbers are stored on the contact- I think there is an issue if it not in home-1 or Mobile number slot.
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    The number has to match. if you dial it as 1-111-111-1111 it is not the same as 111-111-1111.

    I true up my contacts periodically because I never dial the 1 on my mobile. I add contacts to outlook using card scan and it harvests the 1 and I remove them manually.

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