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    I purchased a 2.5mm adapter at the verizon store today when i purchased my treo 700w. I connected that to my phone then I connected my standard 3.5mm shure e2c headphones to the adapter, but only the right side works. How do I get the left and right side to work? I even went back to the store and bought some crappy headphones that already had a 2.5mm jack, but still the same thing happened? Am I missing something here? please help. I've spent a lot of money on this!

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    By the way I'm trying to listen to mp3s!
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    Nevermind I think i found it.

    "A few headphones and speakers don't trigger stereo mode on the Treo when used with a stereo audio adapter (such as the Palm Headphone Adapter, Seidio's Stereo Adapters, and the Sedio InnoDock). Instead of a wonderful stereo sounds you are met with deafening silence or mono sound. This is due to the impedance level on your headphones/speaker isn't high enough to trigger the Treo to switch into stereo mode.

    The Audio-out Coupler resolves this issue by raising the impedence level of you headphones/speaker. Simply insert this adapter in-line between the headphones and your stereo audio adapter"

    any way I can get around this?
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    Are you sure it is because of the headphones and not the adapter? Try some cheapo headphones and see if they get mono sound as well. Most 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapters (like the Radioshack kind) only output to mono. I got one on ebay specifically designed for Windows Mobile devices (it works with just about all of them when other adapters give mono) and it works great with my 700w and Sennheiser headphones.
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    i got my adapter from this site and it works great
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    I have the same headphones and a cheapo adapter from Radio Shack and it works fine. I thought it was messed up for the first few seconds but then I realized I just didn't have the adapter pushed in all the way. Just FYI it's not the headphones.
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    I've bought the same adapter from the Shack and it's worked fine for me as well.

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    Is the Palm headphone jack pinout different from other phones?
    I bought the Palm adapter, which works fine in my 700, but it doesn't work in another phone I have, a Samsung a950.

    I only get sound on one side with the a950.

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