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    I can reach my mp3 collection at


    when i click an mp3 from windows XP, the mp3 opens and immediately starts to play as it downloads, but on my 700w, it asks me where i want to save it and downloads the whole thing before playing

    also in the folder there is an m3u playlist file that looks like this.

    1 - Blew.mp3
    10 - Mr. Moustache.mp3
    10-Mr. Moustache.mp3
    11 - Sifting.mp3
    12 - Big Cheese.mp3
    12-Big Cheese.mp3
    13 - Downer.mp3
    2 - Floyd The Barber.mp3
    3 - About a Girl.mp3
    4 - School.mp3
    5 - Love Buzz.mp3
    6 - Paper Cuts.mp3
    7 - Negative Creep.mp3
    8 - Scoff.mp3
    9 - Swap Meet.mp3

    when i click the playlist from work, windows (windows xp, latest IE)
    media 10 opens up and plays all the songs

    when i click the playlist from my Treo 700w, i get the error file cannot be found, with both windows media player and tcpmp

    Does anyone know a workaround for this?

    I have thought about using vpn and perhaps mounting the drive on my phone as if it were local, or simply making ALL my playlists look like this, what a drag.

    ftp://username:password@ - Blew.mp3 - Mr. Moustache.mp3
    ftp://username:password@ Moustache.mp3 - Sifting.mp3 - Big Cheese.mp3
    ftp://username:password@ Cheese.mp3 - Downer.mp3
    ftp://username:password@ The Barber.mp3
    ftp://username:password@ - About a Girl.mp3
    ftp://username:password@ - School.mp3
    ftp://username:password@ - Love Buzz.mp3
    ftp://username:password@ - Paper Cuts.mp3
    ftp://username:password@ - Negative Creep.mp3
    ftp://username:password@ - Scoff.mp3
    ftp://username:password@ - Swap Meet.mp3
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