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    Quote Originally Posted by scottymomo
    Hi there,

    Thanks so much for your enthusiasm, I appreciate all the positive responses on this forum! I want to personally let you know we are definitely aware of the demand for a Palm OS SlingPlayer client. Our decision to support Windows Mobile as a first platform was based on numerous factors, one of the key ones being the fact that MOST WM5.0 and 2003(se) devices either have WiFi and/or 3G support, making them prime SlingPlayer devices.

    It is our intention to support other mobile platforms as well, and we have several R&D programs under way at this time. Hopefully our stellar engineering team will be able to support not just Palm, but other mobile operating systems (Symbian, J2ME, etc) as well. It is our goal to have at least one other mobile platform supported this year, and the driving factors will be based on available technology and market factors.

    I'll keep you informed as we make headway in any direction. I typically post updates at, but try to poke around here frequently as well.

    Jeremy Toeman
    VP, Market Development
    Sling Media

    ps - in the meantime, while you are of course welcome to email us about Palm support, you can rest assured the message is already heard loud and clear over here...
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    Quote Originally Posted by plasmo
    The Slingbox looks interesting, but I also agree that Orb can do most of the basic functions of the computer is always on anyway, and Orb is free, whereas the Slingbox hardware is $250...interesting concept though.
    The thing I think people forget about Orb and sling is that it really isn't one or the other. Since Orb is free, there's no downside to using it even if you have a Slingbox. In that sense, the 2 don't really compete. The Sling solution is great even if you do have Orb because for many users, their computer isn't located near their video sources. The Slingbox solves that problem in a smaller form factor that is also quiet unlike so many PCs. Additionally, if were going to buy a new PC to put into your living room, etc the Slingbox is much cheaper.

    Orb gives you access to more content on your PC than just TV, so I could see using it just for pictures, music, etc. Sling specializes in the video realm and I think does a better job at it than Orb. I have 2 Slingboxes for sources in separate parts of the house. This would be much more expensive to do with Orb on a PC, not to mention generating more heat, being louder and getting a far lower WAF.

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    The slingbox is definately something im looking to get!
    Im in love with this palm treo700w lol the things that can be done on it are amazing!!!
    I finally got my VPN working, now its time to get my GPS working.
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    Just installed it and its awesome on my treo....I have one know the little boxes with the question marks under the tv picture....I think its made to be buttons you can assign favorite channels, but I can't figure out how to do it....any help?
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    Those can actually be used to assign favorite channels and/or shortcuts to remote functions (for example, if you have Tivo you can make a shortcut to Now Playing, Tivo Central, etc.). Just tap and hold on one of those boxes and a menu will come up. From there you can choose to assign favorite channels, remote functions, etc.
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