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    I have a Motorola HT820 (The Stereo BT Headset) paired with my 700W which is working fine for phone calls. But I'd like to be able to listen to the Windows Media Player through the BT headset. The HT820 even has Play/Pause/Stop/FF/RW buttons with which it's supposed to be able to control a media player but I can't even figure out how to route the output from the media player to the BT headset. Can anyone give me a clue?

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    You need the A2DP service in your BT stack for that capability. So far it doesn't exist in the Microsoft BT stack. The pending upgrade is supposed to have it (the one that will also incorporate push email), but some releases of this WM5.0 upgrade have omitted the A2DP service (specifically HTC phones - which also builds the Treo). There's no word on whether or not the 700W upgrade will contain this profile.
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    Well that's just great!
    Thanks for the info.

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