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    Is there a way to disable the recent call list that pops up almost every time I hit the green send button? I know it is supposed to come up when I "press and hold" the Send button but I must have a heavy finger because it almost always comes up when I just want to get to the Today screen. And then I have to hit ok to make it go away (and it sometiomes is really slow going away) It seems I invariably end up calling people I don't want to call.

    I know it is a small thing but it really is getting on my nerves. I would be happy to reassign some other button to get the call list if I need it but I can't find that option on any of the buttons settings screens. Do I just have to live with it or can I make it go away?

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    There may be a registry change you can make but that is what the green button always does. If you want to get to the today screen, you can hit the second button and then "T" (or scroll to the Today icon).

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