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    Not anything terrible, but was wondering if anyone else experienced this with their Treo 700w:

    When scrolling up/down on the Today screen, the graphics on the screen sometimes overlap, or causes a "window shutter" effect, with duplication of graphics when the Today screen page needs to scroll. (difficult to explain)

    Anyway- I believe it is due to SBSH PocketWeather today screen plug-in, but not sure for certain. Other things It may be is the Resco Today screen plug-in... With Ilium Newsbreak today-plugin installed, the scroll problem really is noticable also....

    anyway, not a big deal, but just wondering if anyone else has this prob- or knows of a way to fix it. thx
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    I get the same behavior with just Pocket Plus installed.... I don't think it's specific to PocketWeather.
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    I get that too with Pocket Plus. I think it occurs when memory gets low and it has trouble re-drawing the screen
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    Same issue here with Pocket Plus. I un-install and don't have the same issues.

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    This is what drove me to Fizz Weather for my weather plugin.

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