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    Can anyone with more knowledge than me (well, that's about everyone!) explain the changes in available memory that I am experiencing?

    I installed the Resco plugin that monitors battery level and available memory. When I soft boot the 700, I show about 13mb free, and then it slowly drops to about 2mb over a period of time (perhaps 6 hours). During that period, the only thing I do is capture some emails (no attachments) and work on my calendar (using Pocket Informant). Once it drops to that level, I soft boot again and start over. What's going on?
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    You can do some experimenting with this, but computers will not always show the true available memory due to fragmentation. (after memory is released, the OS might not report it all as available again)

    If opening a bunch of apps causes the available memory to go to 2MB, and then you close everything, and have less then you did before, you may be getting a false reading.

    I wouldn't reboot in the scenario you mentioned. You should find you can reload all of the same apps in the available memory, even though it reports less then you had before.
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    You are not alone, seems most if not all people suffer from memory leaks on the device, just the way of it for now. Keep poking around this forum and you'll seem some tips for managing the issue by shutting applications, etc. but periodic soft resets are about all you can do for now.

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