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    Has anyone heard when Verizon/Palm is supposed to release a software/firmware update for the Treo700? I've heard April floating around, but wasn't sure if something more firm has been announced.
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    Not yet.

    I actually emailed a VZW engineer yesterday and have not received a response yet.
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    I talked to my Verizon rep. today and she knew nothing about it, so she e-mail one of her contacts at Verizon and he said that it was going to be out at the end of April or the begining of May...

    We shall see.....
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    There's a post at pdaphonehome where the person purports to have access to a VZW insider. I think he says 4/14. No idea how accurate that might be.
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    I was talking to a Palm Tech and I asked him the same thing but if they know then they are being tight lipped about it cause he said that is is coming from Microsoft and they don't have a date for when it is coming out. He didn't even know where we would be able to get it from when it does come out.
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    Not on topic ofr the 700w but I thot it odd that I got an SMS message on my phone this morning (CNG 650) telling me to go get the new CNG update, went to the site and "same ole same ole"

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