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    Just wanted some differant opinions on sync options... Right now i am using the active sync option witch i only use a couple of times a week and have no problems. I am thinking about setting up wireless sync but have read differant reviews on it and and not sure if i want to set it up because i also have no problems with the phone. I have one third party app. witch is SPB pocket plus, all of my info. is stored on my memorey card to save memorey on the phone.

    Guess the main question is, is wireless sync worth installing on my phone and not giving me problems????

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    I have used it without incident. can cause duplicate entries if you do ActiveSync (if you forget to remove the entries when you try to install an app etc)

    it is kind of clunky but better than no mail at all.
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    I do get my e-mail thru the phone using manual settings to check and it works great, i can check and recieve both work and home e-mails with no problems.

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