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    Long time lurker to the boards. Finally replaced my trusty 600 (screen lost sensitivity) with a 700. After a solid week of fighting with Active Sync to remotely poll Exchange Server I am a happy camper. Certificate issues were a nightmare.

    Question regarding the "Schedule" option in Active Sync - one of the options on the device is to "set up device to sync when new items arrive" - and then entering a text messaging address for the device ( Does anyone know if this is a SMS message via verizon's network - i.e. am I paying $.10 a notification. I believe so... True push isn't a huge issue for me, but I did like the snapper mail feature of a notification whenever I had a message.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Do you have unlimited data on your device? If so call and get the PDA SMS 2000 allowance added to your account. It is free. Many of us use SMS to trigger push email.
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    Thanks very much. The 2000 allowance should more than suffice.

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