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    Does anyone make a 3rd party app that can be installed on the 700 that would force a hard reset and wipe the sd card when a certain sms message or text message is received? I'm not running exchange and can't do it that way. Alternatively are there any security programs out there for WM5 that encrypt everything on the phone and wipe if a correct pw is not entered after a designated number of incorrect entries?
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    Jack Bauer used one last night to destroy the NSA "wet list" that he bargained with a foreign agent with.

    There's Remote Lock, mSafe and Treo Helper for the Palm OS

    I went yahoo'ing for a WM5 app but, sorry, came up dry othe rthan the exchange based stuff.

    This might work if you could activate it remotely:

    It almost seems like Bill wants you to do it his way.....and that requires Exchange Server. But MS would never use one of its products to leverage users into buying othr MS products
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    I would suspect you could use a combination of pocket controller pro and another app such as the airscanner listed above if you need that ability without a client such as goodlink.
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    I downloaded and tried Airscanner and it doesn't really meet my needs for simplicity.

    I need a program that prompts for a password when the pda/phone is turned on or hits a certain time and if it's not entered correctly it bitwipes the whole thing. When the pda is turned off or hits a certain time limit it encrypts all or just the files selected. I used PDA defense which did this very well for Palm, but they don't have a WM5 version available.

    Airscanner requires one to encrypt and decrypt each file or folder separately as far as I can tell. It also only automatically encrypts based on time, not if the treo is turned off. It's far too involved for my tastes.

    Anyone familiar with any other options?
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    Good MobileDefense would work. Does not require GoodLink
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    Thanks, I downloaded the trial and will check it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoodGuy
    Good MobileDefense would work. Does not require GoodLink
    is this for palm or wm5?
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    Just curious.. why dont you want to use Exchange? It seems to do exactly what you want???

    If you dont want the complexity of maintaining it yourself you can sign up for a hosted Exchange account for as little as... FREE

    ...but im sure access to the feature you want will come with one of the paid plans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by littlewaywelt
    is this for palm or wm5?
    My fault. I should read the whole thread. GMD for WM5 is not out yet. Sorry.

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