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    ok well i posted about this about 2 weeks ago and i didnt get any responses but when i set a mp3 as a text message it doesnt work no sound not even vibrate...if there is no cure is there anyone else havin this problem i jus wanna kno im not the only one
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    i have had mp3 set as sms alert with no problems at all....maybe try using an editor and cut the file down to a smaller size
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    yeah i guess i had the same problem with anohter 700 that i had to return becuase the speaker phone broke but maybe ill try a shorter mp3 and see what happens
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    I have the same issue, i emailed palm an they said the the treo700w doesnt support mp3s for sms alerts, so i dont see how happypappy uses one. but any mp3 i want to use for sms alerts i convert it to a wave and it works.

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    how do u convert it to a wave?
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    use an audio conversion program such as the one that commonly comes with the download of windows media player 10.

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