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    Hi all,

    I was forced to hard reset my Treo 700 yesterday and I lost all my IE favorites so I was wondering if anyone could help me with the web addresses,

    Specifically, I had a favorite for I believe it was a google site where if you entered the web address of any site it would reformat the site to fit on your pda screen.

    Also, I had another web favorite of a site which listed all or most of the radio stations in the us that had streaming audio you could play in WMP10 on the phone.

    Any help with what the specific addresses of these sites were would be appreciated. Thanks.
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    This may be the mobile streaming audio thing u were talking about....not sure about the google site, but I would like to know what that is too...

    The Mobile Stream Center
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    Go to

    and enter a search term. When you get the results you will see a link to "Mobile". Pressing that will show you the page formatted for a mobile device.
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    wow thanks connected
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