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    I've been stalking the boards for a few weeks since I bought my phone and I've searched around for this problem and failed to find information -- so if this has been addressed before, can somebody please point me in the right direction?

    I don't know if anybody has seen this problem or has any suggestions on a remedy, but I've noticed that all my calendar items (specifically repeated events like my daily courses) shift upwards by an hour starting on April 1. The series continue to list the correct start and end times, but when viewing the entire day on my handheld, everything is shifted upward and the individual entries have the shifted time information. This problem is killing me because any entries I make on my desktop get altered once they're synced. Any ideas on what might cause this?


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    It sounds like a daylight savings time issue. Have you checked the DST options?
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    I think I solved the problem by disabling the "Use network time zone option." For some reason, it kept placing me in Indiana (I'm in Virginia) and on Indiana time and I guess that (with the difference in DST between the palm and my computer) was messing it up.

    Hopefully that'll solve it and this issue is closed.
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    Log a call to VZW CS for it. These are tower issues, they do not have the time sync set properly on the towers and we need to keep telling them about it until they fix it. Even if you do not have time to call and be on hold, email them via the website.

    I send a complaint everytime my phone switches to Saskatchawan time from CDT.
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    I have seen the same issue. My timezone on everything is MST-7, but the Treo says (Arizona -7), so the appointments are an hour behind because Arizona is currently on Pacific time. I turned off "enable local network time", resync'd my calendar and the appointments are correct.
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    I had the same problem and switching from Indiana -5 to EST -5 fixed it. I also unchecked network timezone.
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    I don't know the difference between "Enable local network time" and "Use network timezone" but I had the same problem until I unchecked the latter.
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    I'm assuming, network timezone will set the timezone your device is in. So if you are in a different timezone, the times in the calendar will change since you entered them in a different timezone. But local network time is simply the time the device has without respect to the timezone.
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    Thank you all. I just discovered this problem with 8 weeks of appointments, and was able to fix my calender after reading this thread. Now if it were only so easy to fix the mis-scheduled dental appointments that I scheduled before I knew of the glitch.

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