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    I can't figure out how to get the BT to connect and transfer to the headset during a call. I've tried this with a H700 and a JX10 and I get the same issue. The BT icon will turn white with blue but will not transfer to the headset. Also, you must turn the BT on the phone on and off to restore BT headset function. Can anyone else confirm this? Can you turn on your BT headset while the phone is ringing and get it to transfer to the headset? Can you turn on your BT headset in the middle of a call and get it to transfer to the headset?

    I just called Wireless Data Technical Support (since Verizon handles all support for this phone), and the tech got a headset (he told me it was the H700) and a 700w and tested what I described and confirmed that these two were not "compatible" in terms of transferring while in a call. Then I told him I felt it was a bug since the BT needed to be cycled in order for the function to return. He would not admit it was a bug and told me the Palm headset is supposed to work, although he did not test it for me. I still think it's a bug because the 650 I believe supports all these functions (correct me if I'm wrong).

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    I have a JX10 and can transfer a call to it while it is active. I turn the headset on and wait for the BT icon to turn white, then press the multifunction button just like you're answering a call. The headset will beep a few times then transfer the call to the headset.
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    You are so correct. Let me change my original post to reflect this.
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    I've had trouble with my 700w and my H700. The b/t icon will turn white, but the treo will drop the call. I have to do a soft reset to fix it. I'm dissappointed.
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    Hmm, I was able to get the H700 to connect while in a call. Just need to do it slowly. Wait for the icon to turn white then after a few seconds, press the call button on the H700 to transfer it over. But it doesn't work every time. I'm going to see how I can connect while the phone is ringing.
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    I have a 700w and a Moto HS820. They are paired and work - meaning
    I place a call, the headset activates and I can speak and hear through the headset.

    The problem I have is ... the headset answers all of my calls. The BT Icon is always white on my phone as long at the BT Headset is on. If the headset is off .. it will turn blue.

    The behavior I want is for the phone to make normal calls using the phone's ear piece and mic.

    If I want to use bluetooth - I want to be able to "activate it" using the push of the button. Either right before I make a call, right before I answer a call or when I put the earpiece on and push the button.

    There are alot of times when the phone rings and the earpiece is in my pocket, in my briefcase or across the room and I can't get to it fast enough. It is a pain in the ****! Any help out there?

    BTW - I have tried toggling the "make handsfree" option. With it checked - the behavior is as described. With it paired and the "make handfree" uncheck .. when I press the button on the headset - the BT icon, goes white for a moment and then back to blue and the connection fails.
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    You may just need to turn the headset off. Or, you can let the phone answer on the BT and then hit menu->cancel BT.
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    I consider those two options ...

    1) Turning off the BT
    2) answer with bt and "cancel BT"

    to be bad work-arounds. There has to be a better way!
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    Are you guys using the menu option "Connect to Bluetooth"?

    While in a call, select "Menu/Connect to Bluetooth". This works for me with my Plantronics when it doesn't auto-connect.
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    yes, I found that little menu option when I couldn't get my headpiece to connect. Good tip.

    I think the biggest problem with WM5 is the lack of a comprehensive training manual. It pretty much does everything you want it to, it just doesn't tell you how to do it.
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    Yeah - I know about the "cancel Bluetooth" and "connect Bluetooth" menu items.

    The problem I have is ....

    1) all calls should not be routed to bluetooth. The default should be phone answers (not BT) and then I should be able to hit the button on the headset to make it connect to the phone.
    2) I should be able to hit the button on the headset and connect and disconnect to the phone - regardless of call status.
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    From the Palm website ... this is BS:


    How are calls routed to a Bluetooth headset or car kit?
    If you've never used a portable headset, you might be surprised by the way it automatically routes calls. Here are some general guidelines:

    If a paired headset is within range, all calls will be routed to it.
    When a call arrives, your smartphone will ring, and the car kit or headset will beep. If a the paired Bluetooth headset or car kit is within range, call will go to the Bluetooth accessory - even if you pick it up on the handset.
    To suspend all Bluetooth pairing: go to the Today screen and tap the Bluetooth icon at the top right. Uncheck the box for "Turn on Bluetooth." Now all calls will go to the handset.
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    It's obviously a shortcoming for WM5. Could easily be a setting to choose default routing.

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