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    Is the unlimited data cost 44.99 without voice or with voice? If its with voice, what is the "without" cost?

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    It is without voice.

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    I am paying $30.00 for unlimited data and and additional $79.00 for 1350 min. voice.
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    So what should it cost if I have a 2100 minute shared voice plan & the data package?
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    Verizon = $45
    Sprint = $15 (reportedly $20 when 700 comes out)
    Cingular = $20 (price if UTMS service unknown)
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    The EVDO data plan cost without a voice plan is $49.99. The cost with a voice plan is $44.99. If you get Voce/Data combined PDA plans the cost drops. I'm also paying $30/month because I have the 1350 minute voice plan.
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    If you have a B2B deal you can usually get a discount too. Mine is 17% and my data is $37 and change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RichKlein
    So what should it cost if I have a 2100 minute shared voice plan & the data package?
    I still pay $45 minus my 20% corporate discount. If you do better, let me know. I'd like to get it reduced further but I'm not complaining -- yet -- since I do use it as a modem occasionally.
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    My wifes corp discount is 21% discount from the phone part of the service but the data doesnt seem to have any discount (aside from the $5.00 off for having a voice plan as well). The data is 44.99 without a 21% discount added to that.

    Should the discount be for the data too?
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    I have 21% discount on voice but only 20% on data.

    It depends on your company agreement and you making sure that you get a rep who correctly reads that agreement. Whenever I change my plan, I often need to struggle with a rep who incorrectly reads the data part of the agreement. They read that the 20% discount is "data only" and misinterprete it. They want to remove that discount since they feel that is for those who don't have a voice plan. On at least 3 occasions, I've had to escalate the rep to someone who consistently confirms that it should be applied even with a voice plan. They then apologize and explain how most companies don't have any data discounts.

    "Data only" means that the 20% is only for the data portion of the plan.

    You might want to have your wife revisit the issue in case she is entitled to a discount.
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    Do you work for a nameless soda company too?
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    LOL! No, a nameless I/T company.
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    When I got our first Treo, the clueless Verizon rep gave me the 4000 minute voice plan for $149.99, then added on the data plan for $44.99. Instead of giving me the PDA Voice/Data 4000 minute bundle for $169.99. Effectively making the unlimited data plan $20.

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