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    You got it from this site right?

    I did it again myself, and after clicking on the file, it asks to install... something strange is happening on your end i think...
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    thanx for checking! be honest this was the first time i really went online using pim and actually looking through a i could be doing something i need to use the system's dl manager or something? stated, i clicked that cab link and a page of jumbo came up lol
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    when I tried downloading it from the website directly, I had that same garbled coding problem (I seem to have it any time I try to directly download a cab file...instead of downloading it just opens as if it is a page). I was at work when I decided to get it, and so I e-mailed it to myself, then saved the attachment, and opened it. The Treo should know what to do with a .cab file, so maybe the extension got messed up when you transferred it? Also, make sure you got the QVGA version that plasmo mentioned (though I don't really know what difference a QVGA and a VGA non-existant keyboard really have...maybe just the icon at the bottom is different sized).
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    How did you get your Nullkb program to "stick"? Everytime I soft reset, it reverts back
    to default keyboard.
    TRGpro --> Handera 330 --> SideKick I --> HP iPAQ H4355 (stolen) --> Navman PiN --> Treo 700w
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    How'd anyone get it to work at all? I've downloaded it and installed it and I click on it to use it but it never sets it and I still end up with whatever I had it set to before.


    Nevermind... The second soft reset got it working... Thanks anyway.
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    For those who want this to "stick" after a softreset there are two ways"

    1) Use PhoneAlarms SIP selector feature (it'll set NullKB to default at every startup), it's under the Adv Settings I believe...near the bottom.

    2) Same method but no PhoneAlarm/free which I wrote about last Nov:,p,11309.html#11309

    There's a tiny program called SIPChange that does the same thing.

    Both methods do the same thing and work very well.

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    If you happen to have the ctrl key (pro) installed, you can just set the nullkb as the default for portrait in the setting up page. Everytime you reboot your treo, ctrl key pro will set the nullkb as the default sip.
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