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    ive been eagerly following this discussion group for a while and it was very influential in my buying a treo 700w. Ive read numerous reports of how it crashes regularly and for someone similar to me i thought id add my two penny to reviews. I am not a CS guy (actually in medicine) but enjoy gadgets. I used a T3 as my pda and a separate cell phone but found that i had to carry two devices. I chose the 700 partly because i wanted a combo, and partly as i was tired of Tmobil losing signal when i wanted it. Also the high speed internet was a major thing for me (ok i do have internet at work and home but i had to!)

    Its been one week, ive travelled out of town and used the treo extensively from checking the net, my mail (i dont use outlook, rather just log onto my work groupwise periodically, and yahoo and hotmail. Yahoo has issues in that i cant seem to be able to hit the reply button...dont know if someone else has had this issue.). I have not active synced and to this moment the device hasnt had to be reset even once. ive used it as an alarm (got to find a shortcut...takes too long to set up). I periodically manually close programs thru the memory manager. Once internet explorer nearly crashed when a script was running, but luckily by being patient and closing a warning window which asked to stop the script which was causing the programs to run slowly and then manually closing explorer thru memory manager, i didnt have to reset the device.

    All in all im happy.

    At some point i wish to transfer information from my T3 pda over to it. Is active sync my only option? i ask as most of the complaints seem to be about activesync and i wonder if having not loaded it is the reason why my palm is running fine.

    I have not downloaded any apps yet. At the very least il need a pdf reader (the cd has one) and something better than the preloaded internet explorer (as i cant open orbitz website). Any safe suggestions.

    Oh and despite being a palm os user, i really dont find WM that very hard, infact i like being able to open many programs...just my view, dont flame me!

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    Active sync hasn't been crashing the phone. It just crashes on the computer while trying to sync. Even then mine goes ahead and syncs if you leave t plugged in after you dismiss the error messages

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