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    Installed Goodlink for Mobile Smartphone on Treo 700W. Seems to work fine, except it keeps causing my Treo to dial up either my EVDO or 1X connection and leaving either open. Anyone else experience this? Any workaround until the official supported GL version for 700W? I thought disabling EVDO would do the trick, but it keeps dialing up the 1X connection and leaving it open.
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    what version are you running? There is an EVDO issue right now that they are working on. The new beta uses 1X only until they find the source of the hanging evdo connection.

    This is not a goodlink issue but an evdo issue.
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    Thanks - I'm running the Pocket PC Version that is auto-id'd when I type in "" on my Treo Browser. Is there another version I can access and download?
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    the version available to you is discerned by the goodlink console. Your IT administrators define which version (s) are available to you. Any beta software has to be obtained from goodlink and then attached to the console.

    if you go into the GOOD Launcher, click right softmenu, select goodlink preferences, scroll to applications and hit the center button it will give you the version of the goodlink client installed, and also let you know if there is an upgrade you can install.

    If the upgrade is made available you can click it from this window and it will upgrade the client via OTA installer.

    I do not believe you can download a standalone client and install from a cab file though.

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