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    Why do I get an MMS send error each time I try to send an MMS? "Send Failed: Invalid Destination Address". Anyone else know of this problem?
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    I guess I had to call and add a pay-per-msg pix feature to my account. This is weird, because I never had to do this before with any other phone as it was automatic. Is it because I had the 2000 txt allowance added?
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    there is no pix-flix with the PDA $0 2000 SMS allowance. I had the same problem after I added the SMS feature.

    They removed my unlimited IN-MSGing so i had no pix-flix afterwards.
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    So when you try to send a pix msg, did it give you an error? I've added a pay-per-msg feature to my account now and it works. Just wondering why it wasn't automatic like with my non-pda phones in the past.
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    yes it gave me some sort of data error. I think payper is added by default, but none of the messenging packages are compatible with SMS PDA 2000.

    Basically a CR who did not understand the packages and what they did.

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