Hi everyone. Could use some help / guidance here. I currently have 2 "hotmail" accounts along with another POP account. I was able to set the POP account and the first "hotmail" account just fine under "Messenging - Add Account". Keep in mind that the hotmail account name is, what else, "Hotmail" (I guess by default).

Problem is when I go to add my 2nd "hotmail" account. It asks for the email address, password etc. Then it just replaces the first 'Hotmail' account that I just created and again, the name of the account - "Hotmail".

I certainly don't want to have to "sign on" to each hotmail account every time I need to check my mail. And I don't want to have to go "Pocket MSN" and sign in there either everytime. I want to be able to just "switch" accounts (under 'Menu') to do that.

I hope that makes sense. Bottom line: I want three accounts under the "Switch Accounts" menu - "Mail1" (one hotmail account), "Mail2" (second hotmail account) and "Mail3" (my POP account).

Please tell me that's possible to do !! H - E - L - P !

Thanks, in advance, for ANY help !!

Mike D