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    I've hunted and searched and looked under every rock possible, and I can not find what I'm looking for. I seriously need an app that will allow me to select text via the 5-way, and not the stylus. I used 'TreoSelecText' on my 650, and I'm hunting the same thing for my 700w.

    Anyone? Bueller?
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    on my 700, from my home page, i just press the voicemal button, 5-way down to messaging, select, then left/right my 5way to text.

    Its a few buton presses but no stylus

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    I understood the OP question and hoped someone would develop something equivalent to TreoSelectext. I don't understand the response above.

    What is a home page?
    What voicemail button? for me it is to press/hold "1"

    How does this work to select text in a memo?
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    I'm really needing a TreoSelectext for WM devices.
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    Treo Select Text, KeyCaps700W and KBLights Off. The loss of these awesome programs and stoopid activestync are really making my new 700W a pain.

    While I'm at it, what's up with Windoze Mobile Media. Can't turn off the screen while playing MP3's like POS pocket tunes. Also, for some reason....the screen turns off every minute (music along with it). I've searched and played with all program/power/screen settings. What am I missing?

    I am considering the 700P, but I kinda like W despite all the above.
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    try GSPlayer for music playback. I use it on my 8125. Not sure if it is 240x240 friendly, but it is a really nice interface and you can turn off the screen.
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    The GSPlayer UI doesn't seem as functional (thanks for the tip ), but I can turn the screen off with only two key strokes (menu-d), but the keyboard lights stay on. Pressing the power button still stops the music.

    Better, but pocket tunes it isn't. Now how about nrosser's question???
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    Yep. I definitely need the ability to select text using shift + dpad on my Treo 750v.

    And make no mistake, even though the 750v's manual states you can do just that using the same key combination, you can't. The functionality is missing and the manual definitely is wrong.
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