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    This seems to have the same issue as my pocket pc where it leaves programs open in memory, what is the best app/plugin thinge to use to kill these.
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    MagicButton. You can just hold the program icon down and there is the option to "Close Program". No need to go to the memory settings panel.
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    There is no need for a special program to kill programs. Press and hold the OK button for a couple of seconds. This brings up a screen that lists the running programs. You can either stop one at a time or all at once. One caveat, if Active Sync is running in automatic mode, it will restart.

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    Spb Pocket Plus offers this... I have it installed on mine and love it.
    I can hit o.k. and minimize the program or hit the x at the top of the screen and it completely closes it out saving the memorey.
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    Go to this link:

    From there you can download a little .exe called "closeall", and assign it to the "hold ok", and when you then hold on ok, it closes all the programs.

    This was the first thing I downloaded into my 700, and find it irreplaceable. It doesn't take up any memory, runs extremely well. You don't need to do anything with it, basically.

    Carefully read the first post.

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