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    I recently returned from a very successful biz trip and I credit my Treo for the success.

    I am a test engineer for a heavy truck OEM. I had a test truck that was having problems and I had to be onsite to diagnose and repair the problem. Typically, all diagnosis is done with a laptop. As luck would have it, my laptop to a huge crap, which left me without one. This also meant I didn't have email access to retrieve attachments that may be sent to me from HQ. The customer graciously offered the use of his laptop. Thank God for thumb drives. I carry all of my application files with me on a 1g thumbdrive. I installed all of the necessary apps I needed onto the customer's laptop. I ran some tests and emailed the results to HQ via the customer's email. Unfortunately, we found out that thier firewall was deleting all incoming attachments. These were needed to repair the problems with the test truck. After renaming the files and deleting extensions with no luck, I decided to try my Treo. I still had access to my corp. email account via One Bridge. I would retrieve the email, download the attachment, save it to my SD card, and use Activesync to copy it to the laptop. I had to retrieve 4 different attachments this way. This procedure worked BEAUTIFULLY! I was able to fix the problem with the truck in spite of all the adversity. Isn't technology wonderful?
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    That is a good story...sounds like a Hobbes 'road-warrior' tale. ;-)
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