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    I buy one Treo 700w in USA (Verizon). When i was in USA, my phone & Internet working fine. Now I'm move to other country. My Treo as Phone working very nice but the Internet no. I'm sure the setting it fine. The Password & User Name but When I try to connect, everytime I receive the same error, "User Or Password are Incorrect.". My provider think, verizon have one default entry into my Windows CE enviromen.

    Somebody can Help Me...!!!!!
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    It may not be possible to get the phone working 100% on somebody elses network. It's my understanding that the Treo 700w was specifically configured to be operated on Verizon's EVDO network here in the U.S. I've seen some threads where people have tried, unsuccessfully, to permanently change the connection properties on the phone (soft reboots seem to bring back the original settings).
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    The Treo 700W is strictly a digital device so if the wireless network where you are located does not support digital data then you will not be able to use the data functions on the device. This is straight from Level 2 @ Verizon. I have a user that has a home in Kiawah SC and he does not get data when he is home but when he goes 5 miles or so from his home data starts working again.
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    The only way that you could use the data sid eis if you had a Unlocked GSM phone but Verizon doesn't use them so you can only use the EVDO in the states.
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    you would need something like the new hp smartphone hw6000....its gsm...verizon is cdma

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