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    I have been on the phone with almost every sprint store in the west la area and I get answers of...

    It will be out in April
    It will be out in May
    It will be out in June

    It will not be comming out for sprint since they have the PPC6700

    Does anybody have any other answers? or alteast one that will narrow it down as to yes or no or when it will be comming out.

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    I hope you have a flameproof suit on, cause it is coming.

    All you have to do is read 10 minutes on this board and you will see that no one knows when the next treo will be released, what the next treo to be released is, what carrier it will be released on. There is a lot of speculation. There are lots of rumors. There are a lot of people who have been told by the local sprint rep, Best buy rep, cingular rep, mcdonalds employee, gas station attendant, pepsi man and gov't officials that the treo would be out on *&^^%$#( pick a month, week, day, hour and insert.
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