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    Is it me or does it seem like there are no cases with any antenna protection? If the Treo falls on the antenna, is it stronger than any other part of unit?

    I keep buying cases & they dont ever protect the antenna.

    Any suggestions or comments?

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    What are you really looking for? I have the side pouch and it doesn't let the phone fall out. Maybe you need to stop buying the sleave kind. look for the pouch kind.
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    I am brutal with my Treos' and have yet to damage the Antenna. The new Treo 700 is the first Treo I have purchased a Hard Case for. I have droped this one a few times now in the hard case and have suffered little to no damage.
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    I would like a case that covers the antenna ... would be nice for cranky FA when flying who don't wanna know about safe "in flight" modes or anything else.

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