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    For those having issues with ActiveSync not syncronizing, or getting stuck at "Looking for Changes" (and I know there's a lot of them, cause I see at least 2 new posts per day). Here's the fix:

    1) Go into ActiveSync on PC - Delete Partnership
    2) Go into ActiveSync on Treo - Delete PC
    3) Connect again and only set to sync Calendar and Contacts

    It should work seems to have problems syncing Notes/Tasks. I've also found that if you do the above, you can go back and select Notes, Tasks, ect and it works fine. Hope this helps!
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    Instruction 1) 2) and 3) work fine for me, but if I then go and add anything else, it reverts back to "Looking for Changes".

    This may depend on the OS or PC setup.
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    I agree. This "fix" works for some just like a hard reset "fix" works for others.
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    I want to sync notes. It's so ridiculous. Like clockwork, every 3 weeks it stops working. Don't count on this fix. I used to not sync notes and every three weeks this same thing would happen.

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