Ok...I really have had enough with this outlook mobile. IT SUX. Ok...you ask why?

1) SLOW! I have 100 - 200 emails in my inbox and it slows to a crawl. Does Microsoft expect people to only keep like 10 emails in inbox or what?

2) When it checks email periodically (every 10 minutes), I can feel my treo slow down.

3) It doesn't render HTML email

4) It DOES NOT LET ME REMOVE EMAIL ON SERVER! What a load of crap. I specifically set it to download whole message thinking that might do the trick but it doesn't! So I have 200+ email in my inbox and it is slow as hell because it simply cannot handle more than 10 emails it seems. So I deleted them and the ended up in Deleted Items. Then I cleared out the Deleted Items folder and check email. Viola! They ALL COME BACK TO MY INBOX.

5) It doesn't let us see the email headers.

6) No email filter.

Bottom line is, I am shocked how ****ty outlook mobile is. This is my first ever PDA, Treo, Windows Mobile device and I think it's shameful that M$ put such crappy email client on it. I am also surprised that not many ppl have complained about it on this forum. Am I the only one?