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    Hey guys. I've spent the last 8 hours (yes 8) trying to get my 700w to sync with my computer. I'm not stupid with computers, but I've run into a dead end. Here's the deal. I have both USB and bluetooth setups. For USB, I have both the palm cradle and the normal cable, and for bluetooth I have an external Bluetake bluetooth adapter, bundled with Toshiba's Bluetooth Stack. Both setups arrive with me having activesync stay stuck in "connecting," so obviously activesync sees the device but it won't complete the process. Here's what I've done so far:

    1. Downloaded and installed both Toshiba's Bluetooth Stack and the normal XP SP2 Bluetooth Stack.
    2. Messed around with the COM ports (though to be honest I didn't know what a COM port was till today, and I still don't know much).
    3. Paired and unpaired the bluetooth profiles, refreshing the services lists and selecting activesync as a service.
    4. Going into the activesync program on the 700w and clicking all of the options, include connect via bluetooth during the connection process, before it and during activesync's discovery process.
    5. Connecting the 700w to both the cradle and the cable.

    So as you can see, I can't get a "partnership" set up on my activesync, and it just stays "connecting." So for all of you who have successful activesync profiles, would you mind giving me instructions as to how to install activesync and set up a sync relationship, taking into account both bluetooth and USB, as well as COM ports. Also, if anyone knows of anything I might try to fix this, that'd be great, because the only last thing I know I have available to me is to call a computer technician over, and that's an easy $50-80 or so. Thanks everyone.

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    I've done this several times and each time didn't write it down. It is not a user friendly experience.

    One thing to check is in the PC AS setup you have the COM port that you added to your PC Bluetooth setup selected under File/Connection Settings.. "Allow connection to one of the following". In my case this is Com 5. Although I use BT, I can't put "Bluetooth" there. Don't ask why.

    Note that I read somewhere that this needs to be a Com port with a number less than or equal to 9. I have no idea why. It's a M$ thing. If your port is coming out with a number like 10, you have too many old obsolete ports and need to delete them. A whole other tutorial to write.

    If I lose my settings again (it has happened twice on the 700 side) I will write a detailed instruction manual on this.

    I do not understand why it just can't connect and do all this for us. This is 2006! My car knows when someone is standing behind me!

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