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    Random discovery. Those of you running Pocket Informant, try this. Start the application and then close it using some sort of task manager (I use close all mapped to holding down my OK button). For me, I can actually recover some program memory without having to do a soft reset, not just the memory taken by the app itself, but memory I'd lost before starting it. I have Resco's today plugin that displays program memory as a percentage on my today screen. I was at 90% full with no apps running. Start PI, then close it, and I'm down to 81% on memory. Beats waiting around for a soft reset to complete.
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    I really can't duplicate what you are talking about above... when I close my Pocket Informant, I just end up with the amount of memory I had prior to opening it... no more, no less.
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    I have been able to duplicate it, though I'm not sure how long the recovered memory stays recovered yet. I haven't soft-reset in a while, and so my free memory with no programs running has dropped down to like 3.5 MB. I opened up PI, memory dropped down into the 1MB range. Closed down PI, and I was up to about 4.5 MB, so definitely some was recovered. I cycled through again, however this time I actually had only around 4.3 MB, so it doesn't appear that you can recover all your memory back.

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