On the Treo 700w, anyone find that audio and video streams seem to die after running them for 15 to 20 minutes (sometimes a little less, sometimes a little more)? I have a pretty clean EVDO connection. I have used both the latest TCPMP and Windows Media Player, all the available codecs, and it goes into buffer hell after a while. This happens on both video and straight audio streams. I've played with the TCPMP buffer settings but no dice. Even did a hard reset a few times to get the system back to it's orignal state and no luck. I usually have to re-select the link to the stream. I always clean out my caches and do a soft-reset before streaming to free up as much memory as possible (I usually have about 12-13 megs after a soft reset). Any suggestions? This has happened with direct stream links and when accessing ORB to stream tv channels.