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    I noticed something odd the other day with my 700w. Normally when I get to work in the morning I turn down the volume on my ringer (to avoid listening to my co-workers complain when my phone rings ). Once I get settled in I drop the phone in my Palm cradle and let it charge and sync till I need it. Well the other morning I tried something different.

    Instead of just turning down the volume of the ringer I hit hit the speaker silence switch on the top of the phone instead. When I sat the phone in the cradle I noticed something odd. The phone started vibrating like it would when the ringer was set to vibrate. It did this when the phone was first placed in the cradle. The phone would then settle down but a minute or so later it vibrated again... and seemed to continue in that cycle till I removed the phone or slid the speaker silence switch to the other setting. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    The 700w vibrates when it is first placed on a charge instead of making the charge noise if the switch is flipped. I don't know why it would continue to do so though, kind of strange.
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    Yea... I've seen it do that too. I just can't figure out why it would continue to cycle through a vibrate sequence. Unless maybe this is an exception the firmware developers didn't account for and the phone somehow got into the code programmed for announcing a missed call or voicemail when that switch is enabled?
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    I found it did that whenever it connected to Activesync. I just used a cabl;e connection (no cradle) and it almost vibrated itself off the table. And since it seems to want to do that very very frequently, I decided to never have it in Silent Mode when connected to my laptop.

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