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    Hi all...

    Not all of these may be bugs, but these are the issues I have experienced. I want to post them here so that there's a record of them for anyone else who might have them (or who may be interested in buying a 700w), and also so that someone might tell me if any of these issues have (better) solutions.

    I bought my 700w in January and ran it for a long time with no third party software, and observed all of these bugs. I continue to experience them, except where noted.

    First and foremost, the Active Sync bug that locks up the 700w. I know this is pretty well documented, and the solution of creating a dummy account and turning off syncs, then deleting the account has worked. I am glad I don't use an Exchange Server though, and unfortunately may need to sometime in the future.

    Missed calls. With perfect signal I miss a couple calls a week. That is, the phone doesn't ring, and I get no notification. If they don't leave a voicemail then it may as well not have happened. Most annoyingly though, is that on every single call that I miss (the phone rings but I don't answer) I do not ever get a notification. I have to always go into the Call Log and see if there were missed calls.

    Wrong time. With "use network time zone" set, I am constantly put into the GMT -5 Indiana (USA) time zone. I should be in GMT -5 Eastern US time zone (I use the phone in New Jersey). I do not know if this is a Verizon problem or a Treo problem. The problem is that Indiana does not use Daylight Savings time and the rest of the Eastern time zone does, so the phone is always running an hour fast. If I turn off "network time zone" the problem persists. If I turn off "enable local network time" which I would take to mean that the clock on the Treo runs independent of the telco, the problem still occurs... right now it happens a few times a day. I have resorted to downloading and compiling a free Microsoft sample program from the Windows Mobile SDK called CM Time which syncs the time on the Treo with an Internet Time Server. I still need to run this manually and will hopefully be modifying the program to have it run automatically.

    Instability. This is of course worse with more third party programs installed, but wasn't fantastic even with the bare installation. Crashes once in a while. Right now, with other programs installed I soft-reset maybe 4 or 5 times a week. Through all the problems I've had, especially the above mentioned Active Sync bug, I've reset this phone over 200 times in the three months I've owned it.

    The rest are just annoying aspects of the device/OS. Any suggestions would be appreciated.. I posted any solutions I had.

    I have to be careful how I answer the phone when the vibrate setting is on. If I answer while the phone is vibrating, it will continue to vibrate while the call is active, until that 'ring' of vibration is over. This is easily heard by the party on the other end and until I started answering between vibrations I got a few questions about "what's that weird noise?"

    Reminders. I have the phone set to vibrate when a task reminder fires. If 2 come up at the same time (like I have 2 tasks set to remind me at 12 noon on the same day) it vibrates twice as long. If a whole bunch of them are due at the same time, it will vibrate for a long time, sometimes up to a minute. Nothing I can do will stop this until it thinks it has vibrated enough.

    Also, I often don't get reminded of something until a few reminders have stacked up and then they all come up at once. They also come up multiple times. Reminders in general are pretty poorly done in my opinion.

    Can't copy and paste a phone number from Internet Explorer or anywhere else into either the Dial Pad or the lookup field. The only way to copy paste a number is create a new contact, paste in the contacts phone number field, then dial that contact.

    No stand alone voice recorder. Plenty of third party ones exist, I know. But most recent Palms have had this. I know I can also use the notepad and make voice memos... as inconvenient as that is.

    Can't turn off keyboard backlight. Using the 700w in the dark and not annoying other people means dimming the LCD backlight to low, and ideally turning off the keyboard backlight. This isn't built into the OS unfortunately. My solution was this time in the Palm SDK, a project called MiscellaneousFunctionality which demonstrates turning on and off the keyboard lights, detecting the ringer switch, etc. Using this program I can turn off the keyboard lights. I'll try to post binaries of this and CM Time to my website, for those interested.

    There are more usability problems I can't recall now. Please don't get me wrong... I really like my Treo 700w and I like it despite all these issues. I had a Palm m130 previously, and a simple Nokia candybar phone. I am very productive with the 700w. What's aggravating is that even the simplest Nokia phone can get the clock right and will always tell you when you've missed a call. Missing out on these most basic of features should not be one of the penalties for being an early adopter, but in this case they are.

    Just my thoughts. Hope I help someone with any of these half-solutions, and hopefully someone can help me out as well.

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    I get the same problem with the times zone (I'm in upstate NY but it sets me to Indiana too). I also sometimes miss calls where all of a sudden I will get a new voicemail but the phone was not on silent and I did not miss hearing anything - and this is with maximum coverage bars as well. I hope Palm can come out with an update to address at least some of these issues - paying so much for the phone I would expect a little less pain and tweaking right out of the box.
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    Maybe its just your unit. I've had mine for nearly a month, and haven't had ANY of these problems, and only have to reset 3 times.

    Return yours.
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    Doubt that very much. Myself and several friends have exhibited several of these issues and average 3-5 soft resets every week.
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    doubt all you want. except for the copy and paste thing, i have nothing to complain.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MatteusX
    Can't copy and paste a phone number from Internet Explorer or anywhere else into either the Dial Pad or the lookup field. The only way to copy paste a number is create a new contact, paste in the contacts phone number field, then dial that contact.
    Not entirely true, but you have to use the stylus/your finger. You can paste phone numbers into the dialpad using the "press-n-hold" pop up menu and selecting paste with the stylus. I agree you can't paste into the lookup field.

    Your other comments are on target, though.
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    don't bother with copy and paste of the number. just power up Voicecommand and say the number.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Germanguy
    don't bother with copy and paste of the number. just power up Voicecommand and say the number.
    Yes, because this always looks so smart in a quiet room, in the back row of a (boring) meeting, or on a busy bus.
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    The NUMBER ONE issue I've had with my phone is its instability of receiving SMS messages. My phone just stops receiving them at random times and they NEVER get delivered no matter how many stack up in the freakin Verizon system until I either soft reset my phone or go into flight mode and back out of it. I've gone through 2 phones and a coworker has gone through 2 as well and they've all 4 had the same issue. I don't think it is a hardware issue - I believe it is somehow screwed up in Verizon's system. I've had a data support trouble ticket opened with them since about 10 days after I received the phone. Numerous phone calls to them and one to Palm has not gotten the issue resolved. Verizon even said it was a known bug and sent me to some website to download a supposed "fixed" firmware and ROM for the phone. At first I couldn't see the files to download so they branched me to Palm. Palm tech support said there was NO update for the phone and didn't know what I/Verizon was talking about. I went back to Verizon and was then able to see the files. I downloaded them (which were dated early Dec) and followed the instructions. Firmware update was 56 which was what was on the phone already. ROM update would not even install. I suspect this update was for a pre-released version of the phone. To date I'm still having to send myself an SMS message every hour to let me know my phone has stopped receiving them. I know of 2 other people with this issue as well. Anyone have any ideas on it?

    BTW - as a potential workaround to this screwed up SMS problem I've setup a gmail account and have some text messages/emails going to that address from my computer monitoring software here i n my office. I thought I'd just setup a pop3 account and just check for new messages every 5-10 minutes. Well - that was a good theory anyways. Since doing it yesterday, my phone has stopped checking for new messages numerous times. I can't figure out why it isn't checking. Additionally - my phone just started getting an error message when trying to connect to the 1X network saying there was an "uknown problem" with the connection. Upon further investigation I realized my phone would not accept incoming calls and they would go to voice mail. Even though there was NO 1X net connection. I just finished doing a soft reset and it seems to be back up now. So poping email instead of relying on SMS messages at this point seems to be more unreliable than their SMS system.
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    I'm in the same boat as you. The SMS service is terrible on the 700w. I hate having to reset my phone so often just for that.

    My second gripe is the absense of SMS threading like in the 650.

    My 3rd gripe is the lack of 240x240 apps but maybe that's just a matter of time.

    If the SMS was stable, the 700w had text threading, and the 700w was 320x240 minimum, I'd be one happy camper!
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    @MatteusX - get your device replaced. The instability you report indicates a HW problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Germanguy
    don't bother with copy and paste of the number. just power up Voicecommand and say the number.
    Most of us don't have enough RAM to run it thanks to Palm's greed, Microsoft's memory leak and the resulting lack of available memory.
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    Gosh, I've never HAD any of these issues. I did the recent update and everything and no issues at all. I am using mail2web for my activesync and it works great. However, I've caught some other posts stating the mail2web application has issues with the Treo's heart beat. Thus, causing battery drainage. I've noticed my battery getting low at the end of the day and I could use ALWAYS use more juice!
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    Quote Originally Posted by treoshmeo
    Most of us don't have enough RAM to run it thanks to Palm's greed, Microsoft's memory leak and the resulting lack of available memory.
    After the 110 update I am running Goodlink 4.7.110, PDA Net, Pocket Breeze, Pocket Weather, IM+, Oxios memory, Slingplayer mobile and use Voice command and have had to reset my phone on average once a week. I locked it up once or twice when i was using pocket slingplayer, good mail, and PIE at the same time.

    All of us have the same ram, the difference is what apps we are running, perhaps those should bear part of the blame. The phone is much tighter after the update and I would not change it for anything except the same device with even more memory.
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    I have the same issue where I have enought bars, but don't receive the call. I have soft reset daily, probably 2 - 3 times.
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    I still can't believe they haven't fixed the time issues on this phone, IMO that's **** poor. Was this an issue with the 650 or the other treo's?

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