I've got to tell you... for the average user, it isn't that bad.

I have been using this for quite some time. Since my 600 and 650 days. I have all of my meeting and contacts sync'd and every time I have to do a hard reset... I get all of this stuff right back without having to sync to a computer. Also, with ActiveSync being so bad, it really allows me to keep everything sync'd up with my computer without having to deal with ActiveSync. Gotta love that!

You can enable wireless sync to do its thing as frequently as you want it to or you can enable it to push and it is "always on." The push was a problem with x1RTT service because you couldnt receive calls, but with the EVDO, it works pretty well. In fact, it seems to keep you hooked up to the data network all the time so you dont have to connect each time you want to access the internet. I believe there have been some threads on how to achieve this... well, there it is.

I have not been too enamored by the push email portion of wireless sync, so I have been just pooling my email server every 15 minutes, which is ok for me.

The nice thing is that my secretary in my office can update my calendar and within minutes, it is updated on my 700w.

I know exchange server will do all this and probably better, but for those that do not have access to this... Wireless Sync is a reasonable option.

Just my $0.02