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    My 700w has a serious problem when syncing to the vzw Intellisync push-application at Verizon. Most of my all-day calendar events appear on these platforms as two-day events with a start-time of 1:00 a.m and a continuation on the day before or after. The events still look normal on the Treo, but this is so annoying that I have stopped using the web calendar.

    Recent development: I finally got to talk to the "tier 3" help desk (in Seattle) which specializes in the Intellisync application. They directed me to upgrade my device's sync client (from a website) and after about an hour of talking agreed to reset my account, wiping out all the incorrect (and correct) entries. They said that this is a known problem, occuring only with all-day events. They didn't seem to know when it might be fixed, if ever, and speculated that it might have something to do with the way the Treo sets its time zones.
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    I'm not sure if this is an answer to your problem, but it might help find the solution.

    When traveling with my laptop, when I change the time zone on my computer, Outlook does the same thing. When I change the time zone back to the one that the events were created in, they display as they should.

    I'm sure that it is a time zone issue you are dealing with. Maybe the time zone on the server where the "web calander" is stored is different from your time zone where the events were created.

    You can test this by changing your time zone on your computer to the same time zone where the server is located and create a new all day event. Then post your updated calendar and sync and so on. You get the idea.

    Good luck!

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