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    Well, I've tried this with a couple 700ws, and my cingular 650. No audio content can come through from the 700w and play on my 650. Videos sent as text messages, emails, audio attached to text messages, nada.

    So I tried using TCPMP, and throwing all the codecs on my 650. Still no success. I get this error about

    Player:Audio codec (Qualcomm QCELP) not supported by the player!

    The files (.3g2 or .3gp) both work fine on my PC. I can forward the file from my 650 to my PC (email) or view the same file (email) on my PC and audio works fine. Any ideas on where to get the codec I need, or how to tweak the 700w so it encodes audio in a format that is usable on the 650?
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