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    Every Sunday at 930pm, I have an alert for no less than 7 reminders, none of which have any content or event attached. I do not know how to rid myself of this recurrence and I have searched this board.

    If I have missed a post on it or someone is having similar issues, I'd appreciate any ideas....

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    try using Memaid. it has a tab to look at the notification database allowing you to delete which one you want to.
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    Did you check:
    Settings -> Clock & Alarm -> Alarms tab and see if you have any alarms set to go off on Sunday at 9:30 pm? Obvious thing, but maybe overlooked. I don't think they have any content or events attached.
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    Mine does that too.... Odd but I just dismiss them
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    Thanks all for your insights.....

    Anonymouse, you were right.....problem fixed. I've been there before and don't know why I didn't think to check that again. Oh well.

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