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    Before my BT radio went bad and I got a new Treo, I noticed a new icon on my Verizon Wireless Banner at the top of the Today Screen.
    Usually, there is just the Location indicator icon and the Bluetooth Icon on the right edge. But there was an Icon that looked like a telephone. I tried to click on it, but nothing happened.

    Now, with my new 700w, it's gone.

    Does anybody know what it was?
    I'm just curious??
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    Any answer on this?
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    bump cus I got this icon after I did a backup from an image that didn't have it. I've never seen this til now. on my 700wx.
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    That is the TTY/TDD Setting.

    Start, settings, phone, phone tab....Turn TTY/TDD off.
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    thanks that was getting irritating
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    I had the same problem thank you for the help

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