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    On my today screen, my Treo shows 1 unread text messages and there are no text messages left on the device. I've deleted every message several times over and can't get rid of it. My outlook messages displays correctly but the text message indicator never goes away and it takes up valueble space on my 240x240 Treo 700 screen that I'd like to have back.

    I've found posts where people have corrected this issue on a palm OS based device but not for a pocket PC.

    Any thoughts?
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    Have you tried a Sprite Backup/Hard Reset/Sprite Restore (excluding the email)?
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    Have you tried using the notification softmenu to bring it up and hold down the right softmenu button.
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    I have no idea how to do a Sprite Backup/Reset/Restore. :-)

    What exactly is the notification softmenu?

    Thanks for the recommendations. I'll try to put them to use if I can figure it out.
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    Well it only took 2 days of searching but I found a solution to this problem. I found this program that you copy to your device and run for a quick fix. You must open and close your inbox before the today screen is updated correctly. Great little program.
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    Linky...............No Worky
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    1. Do a search on "Sprite Backup". Sprite is software you can use to backup your system and restore it, as needed.

    2. To perform a Hard Reset, please see your manual, contact VZW for assistance, or search this forum. Doing this can often repair problems which occur with Windows Mobile devices.

    3. To preform a "Sprite Restore", see #1

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