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    Anyone else having problems with 700 today screen being extremely slow? Artifacts get left on the screen when you change them.

    Already reset soft and hard twice.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sounds like hardware.

    Artifacts there with no third party apps after a hard reset?
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    yeah, no 3rd party apps.

    I did a hard reset AGAIN. Seems to have temporarily solved the speed issue.

    Would this have to do with my email? I store a large amount of it in memory, not the card.


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    It could. How much memory is left?

    Anything less than about 4 MB and it starts to act funny sometimes.
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    Do you have push email? Wireless Sync?
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    It saddens me to say that I have returned my 700 due to the fact that it is too slow. Multi-tasking is poor on the device. I kept the device for 2 months, and after testing the Verizon XV6700, it was a no brainer, I made the switch. I am not suggesting that the 6700 is better than the 700 in every way, however, for my purposes, it is.

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