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    I've been searching for hours without a satsifactory answer or comparison.

    I have CoPilot Live6 for my Treo and it works okay (missing a few locations in Central Florida)

    I am curious about comparisons to other software like Mapopolis, TomTom, Iguidence or any other options I may be missing. Does anyone have an opinion on which is the best and how they compare to CoPilot? I understand the 240X240 issue on some programs. CoPilot doesn't have this problem but I have heard Mapopolis and TomTom both work and IGuidence is releasing a compatible version in the near future?

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    Should be plenty of refernces here on the boards to this review:
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    I have used CoPilot for years on a number of devices including the latest version witih my Treo 700. I think it works good although I have encounted a memory error or two in the last week.

    I have not used any of the other software platforms you mentioned but I should say that all of these packages are driven off of NavTeq map data, so if the issue is street coverage, you may find that other programs will have the same hole as CoPilot does. If you run a trip on Google Maps, Yahoo, or MapQuest, you'll see NavTeq in the bottom corner of the map. CoPilot uses the same data.
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    A couple places to look:

    GPS thread in the WM Apps forum This the place all the GPS gurus seem to hang out at.

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