I picked up a few cases & wasted some money. I figured I would give a little feedback on what I bought. I am not at all concerned about making a fashion statement with my Treo. To me its more of a tool that I need to protect than something to match my outfit.

So, this is a review that is based more from the perspective of protecting the device.

The first case was the Sena Case - MagnetFlipper Cases for the 700w (in black). This is a newly designed case to make sure that it doesnt rub the paint off your 700w (there was an issue with the older cases & the Treos). Let me first say it is a very very snug fit, not so snug you cant get it in & out but there is no chance of the case falling off. The case looks very well designed & personally i noticed more "bulk" on the device then I would like. Also, to put the 700w into a cradle, the case must come off.

The photos on the site, in my head, look better than the device does in person. Also the top latch popped my SD card out when I first put it on (probably my mistake).

I know I should have noticed this before but most custom 700w cases seem to leave the antenna section completely exposed. The Sena case does that too. If I have the unit in the case & drop it, if the antenna lands first on the ground, it will be like having no case at all.

It does let you access every part of the phone (except the soft reset).

I am a bit clumsy so it might not be a concern to you.

The next case I got was the monaco ebay case: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...tem=5878558670

This case has a very nice snug fit, it is very tight as well, again if the latch was open, the 700w will not fall out (if you shake it though it would). This offers good protection (nice & smooth on the inside, padding on the outside).

There is not any way to use the phone while in the case. For me the downside was again, the antenna protection (or lack of). If this falls on any side but the antenna, your probably fine, if it lands on the antenna & your in trouble.

The last case (for the moment) is a Color Sidekick case that I have had for 2 or so years. This what I used when my Treo came with no case at all (I thought they came with cases but hey). This was the temporary case I was using until i found "the" case.

From a protection level, it completely encloses the treo (antenna and all). It is easy to open & pull the treo out (it is not a snug fit, but the treo cant really move while inside). It is not such a pretty case but it has nice padding & protects the entire 700w. Drop it on the ground & its fine (just dont throw it

For now, I guess thats the case for me.

Anyone want a Sena & ebay case Probably off to ebay they go!

I am thinking about a skin case & a seido clip as my next trial.