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    I have installed UseMod Wiki on one of my domains, since it is the closest thing to simple, online, plain text file editing that I can access from my Treo and any computer. (Any other suggestions for similar apps or web solutions would be appreciated.)

    However, when editing a wiki page, the textarea field only takes up two thirds of the screen in my Treo. In Firefox, it spans the full size of the page. I have tried viewing the page in 1-column, default and desktop modes with the same result.

    I've tried setting the number of columns in the textarea larger and smaller, but nothing has worked yet. So I'm wondering if I overlooked something or if there is a way to get PIE to behave properly.
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    I have the same problem with my sidekick 2 browser. I think it depends on the web site, and the way they assign the size of their text box.

    It surel makes posting long messages hard, and error pron
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    The bummer is, I can re-size the width of the textarea in my wiki but my Treo screen maxes out at about 22 columns.

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