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    Thinking about getting a 700w. My company uses Microsoft Outlook, so that would be one advantage to getting the windows version. But I do plan on getting GPS for it. I'm torn between waiting for the 700p and getting a 700w. My question is how much of a difference will the resolution be for GPS? and if is that much worse than what the 700p will have, can you sync Microsoft outlook calendar on a Palm OS device? If this question has already been answered I apologize and any answers will be appreciated.
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    i think you should walk into a verizon store and go see for yourself. compare the 700w screen to the 650. If you notice a big difference, don't buy it.

    I personally did that, and thought the difference was negligible.

    Check out this:

    Its a blog from the Windows Mobile team that discusses why they went 240x240
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    For general 240x240 software issues you might want to check this discussion as well.

    It's a long list of available games and apps updated regularly
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    I don't know if it would be a big deal with GPS maps, but when a friend and I compared screens, my 650 to his shiny new 700, he was disappointed. I beamed him a photo of my son getting a haircut and we set the Treos on the counter displaying the same pic. Yeah, I find it very noticable.
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    Palm OS syncs up just fine with Outlook.

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