I have a Belkin Bluetooth GPS and an old iGuidance program (v. 1.1). The program freezed up my phone because it was draining all my memory and aftera a phone call while on GPS, the phone needed resetting which is inconvenient while driving!

So I jumped at the new iGuidance 2.1.3 for $94 shipped. And it works GREAT! My phone doesn't lock up. It's super-quick! And fully compatible with WM5!

The only drawback is the cutoffs in the menu portion but I'm fine with it because I know how to navigate through them. All the important features are accessible (contact lookup, POI's, driving options, etc.)

The whole thing adapts to the 240x240 well in driving mode and my phone is just more amazing now because everything I wanted in a Treo 700w works now: Phone, PDA, GPS, MP3 Player, etc!