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    I am interested in purchasing a 700w but cannot take a camera phone into the courthouse. I know Palm is promising a 700w without camera sometime, but who knows when?

    Since I like getting new gadgets and have little patience, I have been trying to come up with a solution so I can get the 700w. Has anyone come up with a way to conceal the camera - i.e. a case without the camera cutout? I know it would not make it through a thorough search. But it might pass a casual check.

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    im sure you could find a case that would cover the back completley......check the treo store or seidio or ebay
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    And, if you get caught with it in the courthouse, you could be tossed out. At worst, you could be held in contempt. Is it THAT important to have a phone in the courthouse?
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    Weren't there posts someplace on T|C that showed people removing the camera from their phone? I could have sworn I saw that someplace. I dont know how I would feel though about taking a phone apart... but that would work then you wouldn't violating any rules
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    I just completed my jury duty about a month ago in NY County (Manhattan). They too indicated in my jury handbook that no cameras are allowed in building. It passed the bldg security (police, court offiicers, metal detectors). When I got to the jury room, they verbally told us that they understand the 75% of the phones sold today have cameras built in. It is ok to bring them to court. Just don't take pictures. They also said that their handbooks need to be updated to reflect this change.

    Thank goodness I was able to get an EVDO signal in the bowels of the Civil Court bldg so that I could surf, IM and check email.

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