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    Ok ive tried using tcmp for listening to audio files....i love how you can save playlists but you cant use the phone and make calls while the program is running......i use this device like an ipod with about 1000 songs in my jeep where ever i go and windows meadia player you can use the phone like normal but i cant figure out how to make a playlist that wont use up more storage space like when syncing playlists from wma basically doubles each song in your storage rather than saving in a small kb sive file like is there a way to create a playlist like tcmp with wmp or is there a good program you guys use for your audio?....thanx
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    I use pocket player by Conduits ( audiobooks and podcasts. It will play music also and has playlists although I'm still using media player for music files. I just haven't gotten around to trying them on Pocket player
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    I also like Conduits, but you can try Playlist Editor to make WM playlist directly from your PPC then use WMP to play the playlists.
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    hotrod..that program rar doesnt tried the cab file AND the zip exe and it says it cannot excecute the file.....does anyone have a copy of this i they can send me?...thanx.....and this other player you both mention, can i make playlists directly on the device and save them somewhere?
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    Sorry, I haven't used it a bunch. I had on my Treo 2 weeks ago, and now I have a new Treo and I haven't loaded everything back on. When I did have it, I mainly used Pocket Player to make my playlists, but WMP wouldn't read Pocket Player Playlists, so I used Playlist Editor to resave them in a WMP10 format so I could use them for both Pocket Player and WMP10.

    I believe here is the developer's page where I got it.

    Did you try the cab file for v.1.6?
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    yes ive tried them both and the newest versions....but they dont work ....could you try dl'ing that playlist editor again from that link and see if it works for you?....thanx

    btw, this player also uses a TON of memory!!!!....5mb....thats why id rather stick with wmp
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    Strange, I just downloaded the 1.6 cab on my desktop and mailed to to myself and then downloaded on my PPC, and installed it fine. Don't know.

    What types of problems are you having?

    And yes Pocket Player uses a fair amount of memory, but I already own it, so I use both, WMP and PPlayer

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